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On Saturday, 22 January 2005,  we organised Salam Aidil Adha to commemorate Hari Raya Haji at the Fuchun CC Garden. The event was attended by a full-house audience of 250.


This occasion was also a solemn one as we reminded ourselves of the Tsunami Disaster that had befallen several countries in Asia. A poem "Kepada Mu Tsunami" (An Ode to Tsunami) was read by Mr Amir Kassim, the organising chairman, with translation in English flashed on the wall with a projector. Click Here to read the Poem.


We also presented a touching drama entitled "Talbiyah" (The Call to Haj). Click Here for Synopsis of the Drama & Cast. 


The event was a multi-media experience as the audience, Malays and Non-Malays, were enlightened with  translation into English of the poem, song and drama script as well as  video footage of Tsunami Disaster and an Indonesian song on the Tsunami.


Thank you.


Best regards,

Yahya Hamid


Fuchun CC MAEC


Arrival of Guest of Honour, Mr Hawazi Daipi Audience focusing on the show Our very own Kompang Group performing for the audience

Speech by Guest of Honour, Mr Hawazi Daipi, and Fuchun CC MAEC Chairman,

Mr Yahya Hamid

Nasyid by Fuchun CC MAEC &  Members of Annur Mosque's Qarya 3 to mark a happy and yet solemn occasion
A section of the audience listening to a citation of a poem by Mr Amir Kassim Click on above image to read the Poem

Drama: "Talbiyah" (The Call of the Haj)

Click Here for Synopsis & Cast

Scenes from Drama: "Talbiyah" (The Call to Haj)
The Finalé to Talbiyah Those involved with Talbiyah The Making of Talbiyah
Mr Amir Kassim (Director & Script-writer), Mr JA Halim (Director I) & Mr Zukiman Rasam (Technical Manager), directing and briefing the Cast of Talbiyah Mdm Roziah Samad, Producer
Thank You

Photos with the Guest of Honour,

Mr Hawazi Daipi

A good dinner for everyone  




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